Welcome to The Shoebox Adult Parties


Hi all & Welcome to The Shoebox Adult Party Events website. Hopefully here you will find all you need to know about coming along to, or booking a place at one of our events.

We have already hosted hundreds of action packed fun events since 2014, in Glasgow West End and with the introduction of 2 further regular venues it’s triple the fun!

Our events are held within the original Shoebox venue as well as new venues available from 1st Oct 2018, all based in the West End of Glasgow with occasional events also held in Blackpool. 

From small numbered private social events to larger number open to all events, with lots of gangbangs in between, The Shoebox has lots going on. Check out our party dates section for further details.

Venues have been specially decorated and playrooms specifically adapted with spacious platform beds, porn cinema, music entertainment and lights, fully stocked with towels, condoms, lubes, toys, doxy wands & love swings. Socialising rooms have a fully stocked bar to serve free of charge welcome drinks only, after which guests are welcome to bring their own alcohol. Soft drinks, tea and coffee are all available throughout each party or event. Each venue has check-in, changing and storage areas, wet room shower facilities with toiletries available. Smoking is permitted within the designated lounge areas only.

All venues are different and specific to some certain events. The venue that you are booked into, will depend on the event that you are booking for. 

Events operate on a no private room basis with no lockable doors other than bathrooms. This is first and foremost in the interests of safety, however we also try to ensure that everyone feels part of the event in one way or another. At no time will any host or guest be pressured to play and no guarantees will be made. All in attendance at any event must be over 18 years of age and acting as a consenting adult. All hosts and guests must accept no means no at all times and respect each others boundaries at all times. 

Our gangbang events are very popular and well attended by regular and newbie greedy girls alike. Single guys to be advised that a gangbang by definition will more often have a higher number of guys than girls. We work to a carefully balanced ratio of guys to girls and as always no still means no. 

Our venues and events are all prepared and organised by our friendly like minded team of hosts, who are all themselves swingers, greedy girls or in some way part of the lifestyle. Our team is made up of guys and girls and as such this profile is also operated by guys and girls. Our events often consist of different numbers depending on venue size, style or theme, for this reason not all hosts will be at every party.

We are open to all genuine swingers, couples, guys and girls who are looking to meet with fellow likeminded hosts & guests in a friendly environment, with fun and frolics alike! 

Events are always no pressure and non pushy, where no means no is paramount. Organisers are always on hand to ensure that everyone is having a good time and playing by the rules.

The Shoebox